If you’re struggling, please call for our counselling service
07545 373 413

I decided to initiate Portadown Wellness Centre following my own experience of having mental ill health.

It is my belief that most mental ill health is caused by a trauma or a stress in a persons life.

Therefore, to find lasting wellness, it is my belief that we must address these traumas in a safe and confidential environment with a qualified and professional counsellor.

Through the experience of mental ill health, many of us become isolated and lose our self-confidence and self-esteem.

To address these issues, Portadown Wellness Centre offer practical, therapeutic activities including classes in Arts & Crafts, Woodwork, Woodcarving, Sewing & Fashion, Yoga, Cookery & Baking and Pottery & Ceramics.

The participation in these classes boosts self-belief and confidence and creates an ambience to meet new, supportive caring friends.

Alan McDowell

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