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Occupational Therapists have recommended woodcarving to some of their patients to assist in their rehabilitation.

Students referred by an occupational therapist have found woodcarving very helpful, soothing and relaxing, assisting their general health and wellbeing and have continued to carve on a long-term basis.

Learning to wood carve is ultra-relaxing and promotes self-confidence and self-esteem

Portadown Wellness Centre offers a very caring service in tutoring. Anyone can learn the skills and there is no rush. Right from the first lesson, clients will learn skills that will inspire new self-confidence and pleasure.


There are 6 therapeutic and life-enhancing benefits of woodcarving.

  • Woodcarving is conducive to Flow and Mindfulness
  • Carving reduces stress and promotes positive emotionality.
  • Woodcarving helps with emotional integration.
  • Woodcarving is an artistic activity and is inherently therapeutic
  • Woodcarving fosters a connection to nature.
  • Woodcarving provides social engagement and cultural meaning in one’s life

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