If you’re struggling, please call for our counselling service
07545 373 413

Today 1 in 5 people in Northern Ireland will be experiencing mental health issues. This equates to 20% of the population.

Yet in my opinion there is little emotional and practical support available.

Mental illness can affect anybody regardless of your religion, background, financial status or sexuality and can be a very distressing and frightening experience.

At Portadown Wellness Centre our objective is to provide support and empowerment for those experiencing mental ill health, addiction, loneliness, isolation or physical illness.

It does this in a holistic way by offering emotional support through our team of professional counsellors and combing this with practical, therapeutic activities including classes in Arts & Crafts, Woodwork, Woodcarving, Sewing & Fashion, Yoga, Cookery & Baking and Pottery & Ceramics.

The model of combing emotional support with practical activities is proving very successful and effective.

Participants learn to manage their lives and experience self-empowerment as well as meeting new, supportive, caring and compassionate friends and learn how to have fun and laughter again.

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